Our Mission

Our Mission
Saving Lives
Introducing the PI Foam System
Handling Any Situation
All-Around Complex Protection
Not Only Tank Fires
Biodegradable Foams

Our Mission

Swiss Fire Protection R&D AG, the developer of the Pi Foam System, wants to change the oil and chemical industry by raising awareness about the new potential for saving lives and property – our #1 priority.

We aim to revolutionize the way firefighters battle combustible-liquid fires. First, we do it fast: We have reduced the duration of storage-tank fires from days to just π minutes. There is no tank damage and virtually no air pollution. Second, we care for the environment: The Pi system introduces the foam directly into the tank, avoiding any updraft loss and instantly cooling the tank walls. There is no foam spillage and no soil contamination, which usually poses a much graver threat to the environment than air pollution during firefighting operations.

We offer a non-toxic, biodegradable foam that is infinitely more environment-friendly than the traditional foams currently used by other systems. We can also equip the system with standard commercial foams if the client so desires.

When fire strikes, time is of the essence. The Pi Foam System extinguishes fire and eliminates danger instantly. The system operates automatically and does not put firefighters’ lives at risk.

Uncompromised performance was key from Day One. We have managed to accomplish just that.