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Our mission is to create a new level of awareness about large industrial fire disasters by introducing new, cost-effective ways of controlling, managing and suppressing fires.

At SFPRD, a dedicated team of fire-protection, chemical, HSE, and mechanical engineers, as well as safety-protocol experts, work relentlessly to address seemingly unsolvable fire-safety challenges. Presently, we are primarily focused on developing higher foam application-capacity solutions as well as adjustments for installations located in harsh climates – conditions that often make proper fire-safety coverage unsustainably expensive. We have created an unparalleled system for putting out fires in storage tanks and dikes.

To the leading oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and vegetable-oil companies, as well as tank-construction firms: We have done our part to make your sector safer and less harmful to the environment. Swiss Fire Protection AG wants to make the world a place that is free from storage-tank infernos and quickly escalating catastrophes.

Now it is your turn.

Dedicated key team members

Daniel Marbach,

(Msc) CEO

  • Worked at various auditing and consulting firms as a consultant/partner.
  • Deals with the administrative/management tasks and IP related issues.

István SZŐCS,

(MSc in Chemical Engineering, Auditor of Environmentally Aware Management Systems, Ph.D. on Environment Protection) Inventor

  • His life and hobby is the R&D for firefighting technologies, materials and equipment.
  • In the last 30 years, he obtained 75 granted Patents.
  • He invented the Impulse Fire Extinguishing technology, and the Self Expanding Foam (SEF) under the trademark of Pressurized Instant Foam (Pi Foam) Storage Tank Fire Protection Technology (formerly called Foam Fatale).
  • The thesis of his Ph.D. (summa cum laude) graduation was "Research & Development of Environment-Friendly Technology for the Fire Protection of Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks".

Ferenc FARKAS,

(MSc Economics, JD), Senior International Advisor

  • Multiple decades of business advisory and management experience in the oil & gas business.
  • He acted as a director, especially in the area of upstream business development and established many successful international projects and strategic alliances in the upstream business worldwide.

Gabriella PAP,

(LLM, MBA), Project Manager

  • Experienced executive with 20 years of professional background in the energy industry. Highly skilled in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate Governance, Leadership, Renewable Energy, and Project Management.
  • Spent six years in a leadership role at E.ON working in the field of international and domestic gas sales. Was later responsible for the gas/electricity and M&A areas as deputy CEO at one of the biggest state-owned energy companies, controlling a budget in excess of EUR3bn.

András T. PELLER,

(Msc in Disaster Management, Business Administration, Technical Engineering) COO

  • He built up an IT company which he was managing for more than ten years. As a seasoned and successful leader in the IT sector, he learned to manage a middle-sized company effectively in a highly competitive international market.
  • Being an enthusiast for technological advancements and for research and development, he is the leader of operations of the R&D division.


(MSc HR Management and Psychology), Key Account Manager

  • Graduated from the University of Buckingham in HR Management and pursues post-graduate studies at the Harvard Business School in Management and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in the field of International Relations.
  • Has strong communication and interpersonal skills with aptitude in building relationships with professionals of all nations and organizational levels.
  • Develops trust relationships with a portfolio of our major clients.
  • Is responsible for maintaining long-term key customers by comprehending their requirements.
  • Expands the relationships with existing customers by continuously proposing solutions that meet their objectives.
  • Has native proficiency language skills in French and working proficiency in English.

Anonymized CVs of the Engineering Team in PDF.